Back to the not-so-good old days

Monday. New Year. Back to work. I assume I am not part of those few gifted ones who don’t have to keep a job to earn their living. In fact I’m not sure at all that there is a person enjoying that nowadays. The matter is I feel like a slave or like a thinking machine -and maybe here, the thinking issue-is where the problem lies. I’m absolutely selfish about that and despite I know I should be socially ashamed for what I’m going to state, I positively hate having to go to work. Ever. Even for a single second in my life. I don’t like depending upon other’s wishes, humour, fancies; I don’t like renting part of my days to another’s just for the sake of a full dish on my table. Yet that’s how things are and I’ve got to put up with it.

Well, I had to say it.

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