Shocked at the shaking -really

I came across this last Saturday by chance; I was just wandering around because of a terrible cold that left me useless for anything good. A small-fonted, streaking question shocked me and called my curiousity: Have you destroyed a paysite today? As I was reading I passed through very different moods – disbelief, astonishment, sadness, interest, then worry and a sense of injustice. I don’t think I miss a feeling.

I must say that on Saturday and Sunday I cheated too, I confess. And now I’m not proud of it. At first I didn’t understant the reach of it all. I though it was just a personal revenge against a specific person, which didn’t seem very fair to me but, according to my Sat. and Sun. logs, I didn’t care too much about.

Then, on Sunday afternoon I found this. Then I finally understood where Delphy wanted to get with his mission statement for MTS2. When I read it for the first time and even included a post there I wasn’t aware of what it was all about. Now, after this weekend, after reading about LyricLee’s story, Delphy’s answers to The site that must not be named, the loss of talented people and good sites in the battle, … -well, I guess I know better.

Even admitting that I took things from there -and at the risk that now both sides might ban me forever- I must say that I do not like the ways. Where does all that hate come from? How long has it been incubating within this community? Is it the myth of Cain and Abel once again? When calling names and insulting others appear in such a gratuitous, unfair way; when one attacks and mocks and bullies another with the help of a big group supporting in the back in his own terrain I think the reason is gone and other more toxic feelings come to the surface.

It’s terribly sad for me to be aware that, for now, this community has split into two and, in the process, extremely talented people, respected for their abilities by all of us outstand now, not for their merits, but for having sided with one or other party.

I’m still quite confused by now, also because all this took place in front of my face -my screen- two or three months ago and I didn’t notice it. But somehow I feel that despite the fact that I spent some hours this last weekend acting against somebody else’s wishes one thing is clear to me now. People are free and so is artistic creation and personal taste. It’s most disrespectful to insult a person simply because one doesn’t like what he creates. Or because he has a high idea about himself. Or because he wants to be paid for his art. Simply don’t buy. Don’t visit that site. Don’t promote him by talking for hours about him. Ignore them and give us all a proactive alternative: make better things yourself, and offer them for free. Yes, I insist. For free. I can’t see the point of making such attacks taking advantage of a link on a site the main page of which shows a big 39.95 a month. Or maybe it’s just kidding and -again- I’m missing a big part of the joke?

This is a big world and there must be things for all and for all tastes. Let everyone do as he likes, provided he doesn’t harm another. The EULA says you can’t be payed for modding? Let Maxis do what they should. That there’s young players that can’t afford a fee? Create those same contents yourself and offer them for free. Give positive alternatives and let the world spin.

As for me, I’m not going to pay for any modded or hacked item ever. Personally I think it’s a very selfish way to thank a generous community which openly gave their tuts and knowledge for free. But I’m not proud of having taken some of them sneaking in a server and I don’t feel like doing it again.

I don’t know whether I’ll refer to this again in future. But in case you’re interested about this, I recommend you these two articles: Swinging on a star by Devilfish and The ways in which the sims community is completely insane by Liegenschonheit.

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