Guides to Poptropica I – Early Poptropica

Poptropica is a virtual world where kids can play, talk and solve puzzles while visiting an imaginary island. It is a quest game. To do so and complete the adventure on the chosen island children must gather information by talking to each and every character they meet on their trip to one of the three islands -Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth Island and Time Tangled Island. They must also be aware of any hints and tips those characters give them during their conversation. For example, “You’d look really cool with one of these skirts” literally means that the boy or girl should put on that skirt inmediately, otherwise he -or she- won’t be able to complete the adventure. On their way to solve the puzzle they pick up useful objects and learn about real life facts.

Previous to their trip they must create an alter ego by choosing gender -boy or girl- and age. Then they get a virtual name and they must then define their looks -hair, eyes, clothing. Next they get on a hot air balloon and begin their trip to the chosen island. During their adventure children have a map and a briefcase where collected items are saved.

Children are allowed to save their game. At any time they can register -no emails or personal information is required from them at any time. They just have to provide an username and a password and from then on their game is automatically saved.

Now for island #1:

In Early Poptropica children must find

  • a pink pig
  • a flag
  • a bucket

Bring these three things to the islanders and you rock!


*Poptropica is a game by Pearson Education.

38 responses to “Guides to Poptropica I – Early Poptropica

  1. hi
    this question is based on the bushfires in victoria tell me how many people have died


  2. to complete big nate you need to find the time capsual than find some other things i have finished the island


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  4. i think all of the islands are easy except from astro knights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Ive finished all the islands!!!!!!!!!


  6. hey wazzup I’m the creator idid big nate 🙂


  7. the coolest game ever


  8. u no how u can go to time tangled island,how do u complete the frst 1 on the travel thingy


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