Guides to Poptropica II – Shark Tooth island

Now this guide is going to be way shorter than the first one -pretty much a tutorial than a guide, according to its length. Well, let’s go down to Shark Tooth island secrets. In order to succeed, you are supposed to bring three things to the medicine man on the palm tree:

  • a bottle of coconut milk
  • a bone
  • a so called ‘key ingredient’

The medicine man will make a potion that you want to use to have the shark go fast asleep. Then you can swim to the island where a boy and an old man are trapped and lead them back to the mainland. When you complete this last challenge you get a gold medallion.

Remember, Poptropica is a quest game, so on your way to rescue the boy and the old man you still want to collect more objects that will help you get the three ingredients for the medicine man.

Video tutorials from xomonkeylovexoxo at youtube:

38 responses to “Guides to Poptropica II – Shark Tooth island

  1. hiya
    poptropica rules!


  2. by the way i’ve completed it AND i’ve completed the haunted house


  3. cool game


  4. Hi I was searching the internet and I searched if they had a poptropica 2 It said it did So I was wondering how to get there


  5. El joc de poptropica es molt xulo. Jo ho tenia fa temps. 8)


  6. A vegades jugo però no molt per els deures i tot. Ja se que té moltes illes i a vegades em faig un embolic. Abraçades. B-)


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