Guides to Poptropica III – Time Tangled Island

This is an unordered list of things you must bring to the proper historical period. Of course you’ll have to discover yourself who these famous people were, when they lived and which their achievements were. Yoou can look for them in the Wikipedia in order to get more clues:

  • Aztec empire: they need a piece of the sun stone. Find a warrior mask and put it on. Talk to the guards and one of them will give a pair of goggles. Bring them to Ed Hillary at the Everest.


  • Meet Edison. Give him a phonographer you’ve previously found (sorry, I just can’t remember where) and jump on his roof from the tree. Take the solar stone on the chimney on the left. Bring it to the Aztec king.
  • China: Gunpowder. Amulet -hammer shape. Beat the chinese guard you’ll find on the tower – accept to play a memory game. Talk to the other guard. He needs a stone bowl.
  • Bring the hammer to the Vikings.
  • Lewis and Clark expedition: Bring Capt. Lewis the peace medal at Leonardo’s. Climb the tree and there’s the Chinese bowl on top.
  • Greece: the oracle will talk to you if you bring back the golden vase. It’s near a cave at the Vikings place that must be blown open with the barrel of gunpowder. You’ll get the Greek vase. Inform the oracle guards that you’ve got it.
  • Go to France. Leo’s notebook is on the wall. Jump from the scaffolding.

  • Bring it to Leo. He’ll give you the wings. Put them on and get the medal that’s hanging outside his workshop.

  • Lab future machine: ride the monorails to go up to your house in the sky. Earn you medallion.

Good luck!

26 responses to “Guides to Poptropica III – Time Tangled Island

  1. where is lewis and clark time


  2. this is OK but you havn’t done nate island yet!


  3. Lipgloss1611 aka Popular popper

    Yo Yo! need mo info!


  4. Lipgloss1611 aka Popular popper

    yo! yo! mo info! u smell lyk cheese! u a disease!


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