Grease – Happy 30th anniversary!

These days we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Grease, the musical comedy played in its main characters by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. For those of us in our forties, this movie stays fresh in our memories and time doesn’t seem to have passed by its characters or its plot yet. It was a real hit. But reality is pretty much tougher than memories and some of my student’s parents today weren’t born when the film was released back in 1978.

Personally I was beginning High School then and I remember regarding myself in those days like sort of a Sandy too, for different reasons, although as you might imagine she was far more cuter than I was. I even had a stickers album with scenes of that blessed movie that I still treasure and sometimes share with my nephew. Time flies…

Now moving 30 years forward I’m here squeezing my brains to find something appealing for my students and… yes! Some singing stuff right here for fun! Have a good time!

EDIT 10.31.08: Added official Grease album post!

4 responses to “Grease – Happy 30th anniversary!

  1. Brad Waisbren

    great fun to sing along on your website- sounds like you and your students like GREASE. I have no idea where you are but you might want to think about actually booking a cast member or members to visit your school and city. It isnt that expensive and it would obviously be fun for you all. Lets talk. write me. Thanks.


  2. Hi, Brad! That would be a fantastic activity, but I’m afraid we’re little public school in a Spanish town and I’m not sure my students’ families could afford this. Thanks anyway and glad you liked my website!


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