Ultrastar Deluxe

For those of you who enjoy singing in English and also do it as a way to improve your English, I brought to you an idea for a free karaoke some time ago. Well, my suggestion today consists in bringing real karaoke to your PC. The name’s Ultrastar Deluxe and it is the PC equivalent to Sony’s Singstar. In short, it is a game that lets you connect a microphone to your computer and it scores your voice as you sing along to a song or video clip. Ultrastar Deluxe admits up to six microphones and it has a party mode.

Leaving aside technical information you can read at Wikipedia -origins, license and so- you can download this program with or without three songs and extras. Later you can do a Google search for new songs for Ultrastar Deluxe to download and add to the Ultrastar Deluxe Songs folder but please be legal and only download the .txt file of a .mp3 or .ogg that you legally own -more information here and here. You don’t want to be liable for a crime against intellectual property, do you? I’m serious, law is very clear at that, so don’t make me questions related to where you can get illegal songs for Ultrastar in the Internet. I’ll just have all of them deleted.

Now some screenshots:

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