Learning English with Misterduncan videos

I was looking for some new resources on the Net and, thanks to Aprender inglés online, I’ve found a Misterduncan at Youtube. He says about himself: “I live in England and I love teaching. I worked in China for 4 years as an Oral English Teacher and I really enjoyed my time there. During the past year I have been producing English teaching videos here on You-tube.” I’ve just subscribed to his channel and I’ve been watching some of his videos. Here you’ve got two of his first lessons:

10 responses to “Learning English with Misterduncan videos

  1. Hi Amycapdet,

    Many thanks for the reference. Just letting you know that there is an English version of the Web as well:


    Thanks again 🙂


  2. You’re welcome, David. I’ll bookmark it too!


  3. it is effective to have vedeo lessons! i would like to follow the lessons. how can i get it? thanks!


  4. thanks that is really helpful


  5. I am trying to improve my languag so I need help and I am waiting for the help


  6. Guilermo Almanza

    I want to congratulate Misterduncan for his splendid classes; for me the best on the internet


  7. Tx U so much for U’re lesson. I want to be able to speak english so I want to practise with U.


  8. I heared the first lesson it was fantastic but i dont know how bring the other lessons


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