Summer @BFIS

This is the second year that Benjamin Franklin International School organizes, coordinated by Ms. Maribel Castillo and Ms.Keelin Swalve. This year’s topic is A Trip in Time and Around the World, for students entering PreK through 7th Grade. Here’s an excerpt from the information BFIS provides at their website:

“Summer @ BFIS provides children with intensive art experiences in a culturally diverse environment that emphasizes artistic expression in an English immersion environment.

Children benefit from the great cultural and fun opportunities Barcelona has to offer. This summer, a time machine and some exciting Barcelona sites will take our participants to one of the most exciting adventures in their lives: a trip in time and around the world!

Students at Summer @ BFIS will visit four continents in four different periods in History: Ancient Egypt, Mayan and Aztec Cultures, Modernist Europe and the Mystic Asia. Children will discover Pharaonic secret chambers, Mayan and Aztec totemic animals, some of Gaudi´s most creative and colorful roofs, and the meaning behind Chinese masks”

The school also offers a new program this year, “A Trip in Time and Around the World: Art Appreciation and English Literacy”, for students entering 8th Grade and higher.

Get more details, dates, fees … at or contact them at their email address

In the meanwhile you can have a look at Summer@BFIS 2008 video:

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