Time for hope

Time for a rest.

Time to heal.

Time to re-build my goals in life.

Time to be strong enough to assume my weakness.

Time to thank my husband, my doctors and nurses and the office staff at the hospitals, my friends and my family.

Time for hope.

Time for hope


3 responses to “Time for hope

  1. Hello Misterduncan
    I would like speaking english could you help me please,thank you.


    • Hi, ziba! Thanks for visiting. I’m afraid this will deceive you, but I’m not Mr. Duncan :-(. I came across his video lessons in Youtube and I thought they were so fine, so I linked to his Youtube channel and embedded one of them as a sample for my students. You’re welcome to my blog, where I’m sure you’ll find wonderful resources for your English lessons. Good luck!


  2. Buenas, muchas gracias por tu comentario! Me alegra que te guste el blog… Las telas que compro en USA, salen muchísimo mejor de precio que aquí! Entre que en las tiendas físicas de allí valen unos 10 dólares y el cambio dólar-euro, sale muy a cuenta, aunque se tengan que pagar los gastos de envío… No se paga ningún gasto de aduana, a no ser que compres muy grandes cantidades, están exentas… Espero haber sido de ayuda! Por cierto, me ha gustado tu perfil, compartimos gustos! Saludos – Ana


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