Featured this week: I’ve got a cold

I’ve got a cold means “estoy constipado”,  “estic refredat”. You can use it freely whenever you feel the first symptoms of a nice winter cold, i.e. a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat, a temperature over 37,5*C… For instance:

JOHN: Achoo! I think I’ve got a cold!

PHIL: You should see a doctor.

8 responses to “Featured this week: I’ve got a cold

  1. Hi, Carme,
    I relly like your blog, it’s cool! And I can say that I’ve got a cold, and the week of my birthday!
    Well, you can watch my blog, I have one too.
    I’ts here:



    • Hi, Martin! I’m so glad to have you in here :-)! I must confess I found your blog quite a long ago thanks to either Mr. Martinez (Pedro) or Mr Suarez (Jordi), I’m not really sure, and that I’ve had a great time watching the movies you made and all the funny things you upload, so you have one of your teachers following you, how good does it feel?
      I’m sending you my best wishes for your b-day and also take care -colds can be so annoying!
      Thanks for passing by, see you tomorrow 🙂


  2. Carme i love ingles i love Carme.


  3. Carme no love


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