Kimani Maruge + pupil = Becky Sharpe + Vanity Fair and The First Grader trailers + free ebook!

An odd title for a quick thought association.

Today I happen to mention William M. Thackeray to my 6th graders. We were correcting some comprehension  activities about the inspirational life story of Kimani Maruge when the meaning and usage of the noun ‘pupil’ somehow ended up in boarding schools, past centuries and social classes, rich and poor people and something too dangerously related to Manichaeism. All of a sudden I envisioned Becky Sharpe and her abrupt leaving Miss Pinkerton’s Academy for Young Ladies, so I couldn’t resist mentioning one of my all-time favourite novels, Vanity Fair, to my students*.

I know a few of them might be interested (I saw how eagerly Martin wrote down everything I said, sorry about the S. instead of M. for ‘Makepeace’!), so I’m bringing here the official trailer of 2004 Vanity Fair as well as the Gutenberg Project free Vanity Fair ebook** and a trailer of The First Grader movie too. Enjoy!

*I didn’t mention Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen or Benito Pérez Galdós to them, (my other passions); enough is enough!

**In English, this book is not suitable for a 6th grade EFL student, but I just haven’t found a free Spanish version, sorry.

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