Creative writing CS: I’m special

Name & age             I’m ________ and I’m __________ years old.

Physical aspect            I’m tall / short / average height for my age

I’m thin / fat / regular weight

Hair, eyes…              I’ve got _______________

Typical clothes            I usually wear _________ / I like to wear ________

Where I live              I live in MdR / I live in a little town 15 km from BCN called MdR

My personality            I’m a good person / an easy going person / patient / intense / a bit shy / a bold girl or boy

My school                My school is PdlC / I study Grade 6/5 at PdlC Primary School

My family                  I live with my mum / dad / brother / sister / baby brother / baby sister…

Pets                           I’ve got a _________________ called _____________

What I like                My favourite hobbies are _______ and _______. I like reading, _________

My summer holidays

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