Immersion Camp and a few more things

Back from the Immersion Camp at the beautiful Planoles, where the kids had a wonderful time and were speaking English from dawn to sunset. They even had an exciting Disco Party the second -and last- night!

Thanks a lot to Laura, Dave, Rachel (the monitors), Pura (the Director) and all the staff at Pere Figuera Hostel! You really made our Camp a keeper!

On a different subject, now that November is coming to an end we’re sad to say goodbye to our 6th grade epals at Lake Region Middle School but we’ll still continue exchanging emails with 7th graders. We’ve been exchanging info about the weather, school and Hallowe’en so far, and now we’ll be heading to tell them about our Immersion Camp adventures.

Apart from this, although it seems a lifetime from now, some belated Hallowe’en decoration in our classroom this year. Hope you all enjoy them, and maybe inspire you for next year decor?

And last but not least, a warm farewell to Salah, who finally moved to France last Saturday, for whom the Camp was his last activity in our school. All the best for him and his family! xoxox

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