Let’s play Battleship this Christmas!

The kids attending SEP classes have been playing Battleship in order to practise their ABCs and numbers.

Now you can play Battleship too with this grid. I advise you to substitute the typical squares for words: f.i. a five-letter word, a four-letter word, two three-letter words and one two-letter word. At the end of the game your ‘enemy’ can guess what the words were 😉

Have fun!!!



8 responses to “Let’s play Battleship this Christmas!

  1. Marta pavon palomo

    Aquet chrismas m’a encantat.


  2. Hello Carma el man agradat els bidios pero mes el caraoce


  3. Nabil benayad kalai

    I ami tambe ma agradat


  4. Hello Carme!!!! Soc la Ingrid de 2º. He vist videos de Pepa Pig en anglés i he jugat a sopa de lletres amb anglés. M’ agrada’t molt el dibuixos i fer el joc. Bye Carme


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