Hello everyone!!! ^_^

Hello, boys and girls who study at Pont de la Cadena,

I am very happy that we are going to meet again in a few days and we are going to start a fresh and crisp new school year. Today I have two interesting things for you and your parents in advance.

First of all, the Primary English 2014-15 School Year Calendar & Units Planning and a major update to my Google Calendar so that you all can have your tests dates, lessons planning, holidays and more at your fingertips whenever you need them. You can download and/or print the School Year Calendar by clicking on the picture below.


Second thing is to inform you that Blue Mango Theatre is coming back to school and this time we will have three nice plays later in March. You will find the exact date in the School Year Calendar and in the Google Calendar.


Finally, let me wish you a superb school year and please enjoy these lovely days until September 15th.

Hugs and kisses, xoxox,


2 responses to “Hello everyone!!! ^_^

  1. I Love Brofalo!!!!!!
    i want see another time !
    it ‘s very funny!


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