New books for the classroom!

Looks like Santa is sending us a present this Christmas, and a very cool one! A brand new pack of story books is on its way to our classroom and I guess we’ll be able to receive them just before Christmas holidays.


I’ve selected a range of levels so that, from 1st to 6th graders, everyone can enjoy them.


Peppa Pig, Pete the Cat, Frozen, Fancy Nancy, The Gruffalo, Matilda, The Very Hungry Caterpillar… are only a few of the new friends heading for Pont de la Cadena these days. Let’s give them a warm welcome and let’s get ready to have a great time!


2 responses to “New books for the classroom!

  1. Carman soc la Marina de quart m’agradat molt la pelicula de gruffalou espero que possis un altre pelicula i feliç any nou


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