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My interests vary now and then but some of them are consistently defying time. Several years ago I loved learning to play the piano, sewing, compulsive reading, gardening… Now my spare time is pretty short, so I concentrate on webmastering, creating all type of items for TS2 and posting just a few of them, photoshopping and, more recently, photography.

EDIT 04.26.08: I don’t create content for TS2 anymore.

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I like shellfish, googling, dogs, daydreaming, music, Coke, Bionade Holunder (elderberry), chewing gum, colour orange white, number 2, Jane Austen, kaiserin Elisabeth, Napoleon Bonaparte, Galdós, my teenager memories and scarcely ten teen photos, casual wear, sweet perfumes, haute couture and firm handbags and shoes, the Bauhaus, Italian and Scandinavian design, empty and large spaces, straight hair, smoking, comedies and dramas, the smell of the mowed lawn and -most of all- the sea.

EDIT 06.07.13: I quitted smoking two years ago. Happy.

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I hate driving, alcoholic drinks, vain people and liars, birds, dirt, clothes stinking of mould, stupidness, chicken hamburgers and hotdogs, raw meat, sushi, all kinds of fanatism, hysteria crises, rude, vulgar or insensitive people, to lead or being leaded, cooking, ironing, going to the hairdresser’s or to the doctor’s, those who believe that politeness is a synonym of idiocy.

EDIT 06.07.13: Flirting with cooking for a couple of years and still loving it. Happier.

EDIT 22.10.16: Ich lerne Deutsch mit Duolingo seit dem letzter Januar und ich liebe es 💚💚💚🇦🇹🇩🇪🇨🇭💚💚💚

  • Name: I’ve got one for each of my parallel lives. Which one are you in?
  • Age: Gosh! I’m not THAT old! Yet 😦
  • Pro bio: I’ve got a 3-year degree in TEFL, a 5-year BA in English Philology and a Teaching Aptitude Certificate. I also got a 3-year degree in Catalan and Spanish Literature. In the last years I’ve been working as Elementary Principal and Director in a Primary school near BCN. I’m currently teaching EFL to 6 to 12 years olds and I’ve also given ICT Teacher Training courses to colleagues working for the Catalan Departament d’Educació for quite a while. I also used to be a freelance web designer and I used to design, create and mantain web sites for several firms, but I don’t do it anymore.
  • Pop music: I’ve recently discovered Helicopter Girl. I just love her. And I rediscovered some others I guess I had forgotten long ago, basically Tears for Fears, Crowded House –Don’t dream it’s over, The Boss –Sherry darling and Hungry heart, George Michael, Bob Marley, a cover of Creep by TFF. Wagner, Chopin, Bach, also rock for me. Too outdated? Then I switch to Coldplay, Motion City Soundtrack, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day -just Wake me up…– or The Pipettes 😉 Yes, I’m kidding you! Now I’m in love with Adele and her beautiful 19. Take my word and give it a try. Delicatessen!

EDIT 10.03.11: I still love 19 +21. Adding Eminem. Les Mis. And a lot more. I’ve got an endless list…

  • Job: When I was a little girl I used to think I’d be a teacher. As a teen I thought I’d become a psychiatrist. Then again, as a grown-up I decided to be a teacher. And after getting my teacher degree I became a philologist.
  • Pros: Loyal, optimistic, hyper-independent, positive, energetic, well-mannered, sensitive, patient, self controlled, perfectionist, dreamer.
  • Cons: Bad tempered, stubborn, too shy, whimsical, impulsive, fickle, forgetful, perfectionist, dreamer.

  • Food: No-soy vegan most workdays and working my way from there. 99% pure cocoa chocolate and sunflower seeds addict.
  • TV: Definitely not! EDIT 21.6.17 Loving HBO and some Netflix.
  • Computer: Vaio iMac+ iPad.
  • TS2: Since Delphy said he’d leave MTS2, my interest dropped dead. This, of course, might change all of a sudden. I’ve passed all my Sims 2 games and EPs on to my nephew.

EDIT 06.07.13: Asked him them back so that we can create new content together whenever he comes back home for holidays. Gave him Sims 3 instead. Happiest!

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  • I’m a 1 year 2 years-and-several-months-old 3 5 years+ survivor to a breast cancer.

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  1. hola soc pilar de segon . me fica a la web el video de high school musical m’encanta . pots posar el video de rihanna? . el de don ‘t stop the music . un peto pilar.


  2. OK, Pilar. Go to the Front Page. But remember, only videos for children are approved here! 🙂


  3. pots tambe buscar alguna de hannah montana y umbrella de rihanna.


  4. I’ll see what I can do. Please, no more comments in Catalan or Castilian: English is Ok here!