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5th Unit 5 Geography assignment

Design and create a poster, leaflet, brochure, flyer… about important Geography facts of a country or a place you like. Stick photos or draw pictures of its mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and more and write what you can do there under each photo or picture. Bring this to the classroom on May 12th (oral test).


Header revamp and an artsy Sunday afternoon

I’ve been doing a bit of blog clean up this weekend. The sidebar widgets were sort of cluttering the right column and it wasn’t clear what the links were meant for. I’ve added a couple more places where you can find me or get to know me (i.e. Pinterest and Tumblr) and I’ve absolutely twitched the header (used Photoshop and Penultimate for iPad). I wanted a lighter, airier design and once the idea was clear I only needed 10 minutes to call it a day. I’m just loving it!

PS: Take time to visit the pebble drawing artwork by MagaMerlina to get inspired for a Sunday crafternoon or a pals’ gathering. I surely did!


Global Technics Studio website updated @50%

This weekend I’ve finally released v3 of Global Technics Studio website, in which I implemented jQuery Better Coda Slider effect as shown in jQuery for designers, thanks to their excellent tutorialI’ve also used Cufon in one of the subwebsites for the sake of getting rid of Arial for a while ;-). So far I’ve finished two of the four subwebsites, which correspond to the slogan “Find out the four secrets at GTS!”. When finished, GTS will come in four flavours, each with a different technology.

Here are some screenshots:



EDIT June 09: The Cufon code seems not to work at all for long paragraphs and/or texts within the nav bar, so I’m going to use images instead.

ArtRage as used by 8-year-olds

Despite these days at school are breathtaking for the weak -it’s our annual Cultural Week- and I have no spare time to post here -besides that I’ve got two new websites to design and two more to restyle- I thought I could share some delightful pictures created by my Grade 3 students using ArtRage. It was their first approach to the program, that’s why I think they’re so fresh and naïve.


Ferry Halim, American Girl and XTEC -Some statements and one conclusion

Some statements:

  1. Yesterday I discovered that Ferry Halim, creator of Orisinal and one of my favourites, is behind the design of some of AmericanGirl‘s games -another favourite of mine-, such as Coconut’s Safari, game I posted here.
  2. Since September 08, the XTEC policy has denied access to a number of websites including certain keywords. This includes AmericanGirl. I wrote to them: no exceptions. To a certain extent, I can understand. But not to this extent :0!
  3. AmericanGirl is a USA dolls manufacturer.
  4. My students used to love the games in AmericanGirl and others made by Ferry Halim. In June 08 we had a special session in class, with the beamer, to celebrate the end of the school year. They had a great time.
  5. They can’t play AmericanGirl‘s games at school anymore -nor reading its magazine, solving its pastimes…
  6. If you’re reading this and you’re connected to the internet through a XTEC server, the links above pointing to AmericanGirl will lead you to an ‘Access denied’ XTEC page. But it doesn’t read ‘Access denied’. You’ll be told that the page doesn’t exist.
  7. Fortunately for you, you can enjoy AmericanGirl  and Ferry Halim‘s artistic games from other ISP’s. Most of my students can’t.

One conclusion:

  1. Boo-hoo!

Another sweet idea by Ferry Halim. Don't miss the music on this send-a-flower page!