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5th Grade Simple Past

Use these activities as an amusing way to practice your grammar in Unit 6.


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5th Grade: Some new games for the holidays

Dear 5th graders,

Here you’ve got the two games you asked for: The Acting Activity (remember to start in A1) and the Interactive Dictation (remember to start in Grade 1).

Have a lovely weekend! ❤ ❤ ❤

Speaking activity:

Interactive dictation:

6th grade: U5 21 days challenge

Dear 6th graders,

In Lessons Planning calendar you’ll find a 21-weekday Challenge to get to the English Key Competence Tests fresh as a rose :DDD

Enjoy every one of these days!

Happy Christmas holidays!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and I’d like to suggest you a couple of activities to have fun these days at home. First of all, you can watch Season 1 of Shaun the Sheep and then you can either take a quiz about those episodes or go check Shaun the Sheep website for some extra amusement. Now that I think, why not to choose both? 😊🎄🌟💫✨

Take the Shaun the Sheep Quiz!


Prepositions fun

Hello there! Now that you’re learning new prepositions you can have a good time while improving your reading skills. Have a look at these games:

prepbillionaire preptidybedroom prephowfast prepseveral

Have fun!!!

Duolingo 31-days Challenge accepted!

Rubén (3rd Grade) and Norma (5th grade) have been the two first students to achieve 31+ days stroke playing Duolingo. Congratulations, kids! 


Foto 22-05-15 16 23 46 Foto 22-05-15 16 23 35

5th Unit 5 Geography assignment

Design and create a poster, leaflet, brochure, flyer… about important Geography facts of a country or a place you like. Stick photos or draw pictures of its mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and more and write what you can do there under each photo or picture. Bring this to the classroom on May 12th (oral test).


Let’s play Battleship this Christmas!

The kids attending SEP classes have been playing Battleship in order to practise their ABCs and numbers.

Now you can play Battleship too with this grid. I advise you to substitute the typical squares for words: f.i. a five-letter word, a four-letter word, two three-letter words and one two-letter word. At the end of the game your ‘enemy’ can guess what the words were 😉

Have fun!!!



Can we play at home? :)

Yes, now you can play at home the new games we are playing in the classroom these days: Find Out! Here’s how: Look at the chart below and choose what topic you want to appear in your game. Then look at the grade it belongs to and click! Have fun!!! 🙂
Find Out 1          Find Out 2          Find Out 3          Find Out 4 findout

Sorry, that webpage seems to be down since last September. Too bad :-/

Playing Blokus online

You can play as a guest (no need to register) or signing in, should you choose to register. Have fun!