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♥ Games to *play English* these Xmas holidays ♥

Play in English and have fun!

You can find these and more games (adventure, maze, puzzles, etc) in Mr. Ferrell website.

Also remember the fab games in American Girl, Poptropica, Dots and Diamond , EdulandPenguin Club and The Moms and Kids Playground. You surely don’t want to miss them ;-)!

And now, my best wishes for you all: a happy Christmas time and a fantastic 2012.

We’ll be meeting again on Jan 9th 2012. Take care!

XTEC and server filters again :-(

This morning I was going to show my students how to play Skywords with the beamer, after a great English session and alas! servers have blocked AmericanGirl again.

What a disappointment!

XTEC and AmericanGirl

This week I’ve checked again AmericanGirl games and I’ve gladly found out that finally XTEC has granted access from schools to that site. Whoever made it possible, thanks a lot!!!

Ferry Halim, American Girl and XTEC -Some statements and one conclusion

Some statements:

  1. Yesterday I discovered that Ferry Halim, creator of Orisinal and one of my favourites, is behind the design of some of AmericanGirl‘s games -another favourite of mine-, such as Coconut’s Safari, game I posted here.
  2. Since September 08, the XTEC policy has denied access to a number of websites including certain keywords. This includes AmericanGirl. I wrote to them: no exceptions. To a certain extent, I can understand. But not to this extent :0!
  3. AmericanGirl is a USA dolls manufacturer.
  4. My students used to love the games in AmericanGirl and others made by Ferry Halim. In June 08 we had a special session in class, with the beamer, to celebrate the end of the school year. They had a great time.
  5. They can’t play AmericanGirl‘s games at school anymore -nor reading its magazine, solving its pastimes…
  6. If you’re reading this and you’re connected to the internet through a XTEC server, the links above pointing to AmericanGirl will lead you to an ‘Access denied’ XTEC page. But it doesn’t read ‘Access denied’. You’ll be told that the page doesn’t exist.
  7. Fortunately for you, you can enjoy AmericanGirl  and Ferry Halim‘s artistic games from other ISP’s. Most of my students can’t.

One conclusion:

  1. Boo-hoo!

Another sweet idea by Ferry Halim. Don't miss the music on this send-a-flower page!

Halloween in American Girl

American Girl has updated their site with a Halloween game, Trick for Treats.

 There’s also a Halloween quiz, Which costume is for you? Answer all the questions and get ideas for this year’s Halloween costume.

You’ll find an Autumn Word Search with music and several topics -Halloween included- as well.

Finally Coconut and Licorice need to gather walnuts for their afternoon snack and need your help at Autumn Frolic!

Skywords: This game is for you! ;-)

Help the planes avoid the fog and earn your points. The challenge awaits at Skywords. Ready for you, once again, at AmericanGirl.

Play with Jess at the waterfall

Another AmericanGirl exciting game! You can find it here (not on American Girl website anymore!).

Coconut’s Safari Game at AmericanGirl

Fun and lovely artwork at Coconut’s Safari Game at AmericanGirl. The game consists in shooting photos at certain wild animals in the savannah by clicking the left button in your mouse. If you play the Safari Mode you’ll be given a mission and you’ll play against the clock. You can also play Free mode, with no mission. At the end you get a photo album that can be edited and printed. Some snapshots:

Play with Samantha @ AmericanGirl

Listen to what she’s got to tell you and enjoy: 

2015 Edit: An unfortunately unexpected 404 error.

Just for girls?

If you’re looking for games in English with a taste of the all-American flavour, just enter AmericanGirl. Highly recommended the game under Mia St. Claire: lovely! Ooops… turn on your speakers!