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5th Unit 5 Geography assignment

Design and create a poster, leaflet, brochure, flyer… about important Geography facts of a country or a place you like. Stick photos or draw pictures of its mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and more and write what you can do there under each photo or picture. Bring this to the classroom on May 12th (oral test).


Let’s play Battleship this Christmas!

The kids attending SEP classes have been playing Battleship in order to practise their ABCs and numbers.

Now you can play Battleship too with this grid. I advise you to substitute the typical squares for words: f.i. a five-letter word, a four-letter word, two three-letter words and one two-letter word. At the end of the game your ‘enemy’ can guess what the words were 😉

Have fun!!!



25 Boxes – Great for your visual skills

Play this game and see how many points you can get. From level 12 it’s really tough :-S



Play more games at!

Games 4th grade


Two links all my students are familiar with

My students have been really fond of these two this school year:


 Dots and Diamond

Play with Samantha @ AmericanGirl

Listen to what she’s got to tell you and enjoy: 

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English through games 2

About school

Label the picture

Spy game

Spy game