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Resources: Internet acronyms, text or chat messages and abbreviations

I’ve found myself more than once absolutely lost at expressions such as ALOL, ALAP, FE or FITB. There are others I’ve been gradually becoming familiar with, such as ASAP, FAQ, LOL or FYI. Things are each time I come across a new Internet or SMS acronym I go nuts googling till I bump into a good list where I finally find out that the acronym I’m looking for hasn’t been listed yet. A comforting feeling, if ever there was one ;D

That’s why today I was needing again one of those acronym dictionaries and I found three good sites compiling lots of these so I’ll post them here as a good resource to avoid unsuccessful googling next time:

And, if you wonder, I didn’t find what I was looking for -OMGNA!

A warm welcome back from your classroom at Pont de la Cadena

Your classroom is waiting for you. Ready?

Cool sites in English

Below there’s a list of cool sites we are visiting during our English class sessions; most likely our half-group periods or our computers room periods. They consist of a series of safe-for-children web sites featuring listening and reading comprehension activities, grammar practice, vocabulary pools and so on. Furthermore all of these sites work skills as keeping atention, quick response to stimuli and focusing on a goal. And best of all -they’re real fun! For you too, Mums and Dads! 😉

And more to come in future. Stay tuned!