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21-Days Challenge made easier!

Hello, boys and girls in 6th grade!

Today I’ve got great news for you. I’ve prepared the 21-Days Challenge in a more convenient way for you to complete it. Come on, go for it!

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Epals exchange between 6th Grade and Butternut Elementary

Our 6th graders are keeping a regular email contact with 7th graders from Butternut, Wisconsin, consisting in exchanging cultural and personal information through fortnightly messages. The school is Butternut Elementary and we have contacted through

Our students are really excited to learn about their new epals and are eager to send and receive news from their American friends.

Another epals exchange will take place later in May-June between our 5th graders and a class in North Dakota that is learning about Spain.

A Cherokee legend

An old Indian was telling a story to his grandchild: it was about two wolves living inside every human. These two wolves are  constantly fighting each other. One of the wolves is bad -it’s full of greed, envy, laziness, inferiority, selfishness, hatred… The other wolf is good -it’s full of generosity, bravery, respect and kindness.

At his point the grandchild asked: ‘Which wolf wins?’ And the old Cherokee grandad answered: ‘The one you feed.’

Which wolf did you feed today?


Happy 2016-17 school year

Let’s celebrate this new adventure in learning English with some easy jokes from English Club by Helen Baker:

  1. A man wanted to drive to Littlemorehampton. He lost his way. He stopped and asked someone,
    “Which is the road to Littlemorehampton?”
    “Turn right until you arrive at the farm of Mr Humbert.”
    “But which farm is Mr Humbert’s?”
    “The one on the corner of the road that goes to Littlemorehampton.”
  2. A small child met his new teacher for the first time.
    “Are you good?” asked the teacher.
    “I am the sort of boy my mummy tells me not to play with.”
  3. A man went to a shoe-shop to buy shoes. He put many pairs on his feet. Finally, he was satisfied.
    “At last,” he said, “I have found a pair of shoes that fit me.”
    “I am not surprised,” replied the weary salesman, “They are your own shoes.”


Happy Christmas holidays!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and I’d like to suggest you a couple of activities to have fun these days at home. First of all, you can watch Season 1 of Shaun the Sheep and then you can either take a quiz about those episodes or go check Shaun the Sheep website for some extra amusement. Now that I think, why not to choose both? 😊🎄🌟💫✨


6th Grade Key Competences :: Test training: 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14

Dear 6th Grade students,

THAT time of the year is finally here! May is almost just around the corner, so I thought I could share the dummy tests we are practising in class in case you want to take extra training. Good luck! 😉

1. 2009-10 Key Competences papers and listening track:


2. 2010-11 Key Competences papers and listening track:

3. 2011-12 Key Competences papers and listening track:


4. 2012-13 Key Competences papers and listening track:

5. 2013-14 Key Competences  papers and listening track:

New books for the classroom!

Looks like Santa is sending us a present this Christmas, and a very cool one! A brand new pack of story books is on its way to our classroom and I guess we’ll be able to receive them just before Christmas holidays.


I’ve selected a range of levels so that, from 1st to 6th graders, everyone can enjoy them.


Peppa Pig, Pete the Cat, Frozen, Fancy Nancy, The Gruffalo, Matilda, The Very Hungry Caterpillar… are only a few of the new friends heading for Pont de la Cadena these days. Let’s give them a warm welcome and let’s get ready to have a great time!


6th Grade Basic Skils Test training: 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

A. 2010-11 Basic Skills papers and listening track:

B. 2011-12 Basic Skills papers and listening track:


C. 2012-13 Basic Skills papers and listening track:

And the winner is…

Yes, my friends! This little poll shows that most of  you really, really love… (drumroll, please!)


Good choice and thanks for voting 😉

Poll results

6th Grade Basic Skils Test training: 2009-10

2009-10 Basic Skills papers and listening track: