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3rd and 4th Prepositions

These are the best prepositions songs. Have a great time:



I’m walking down the street…

Blue Mango Theatre comes back to our school

Today all the school students -from P3 to 6th- watched several plays by The Blue Mango Theatre, at the school gym and both the kids and the teachers had a fantastic time. I’d like to share some photos from the Goldilocks and the Sherlock show 🙂


Mystery Song: New section for 6th grade class

Starting last week, the 6th grade group is facing a new challenge each week -a listening activity consisting of guessing the title of a well-known pop song as well as the singer/band who played it. This activity scores 10 points in Listening abilities and 10 more points in Attitude towards study. There’s a whole week to solve the exercise and on Fridays each week we’ll have a sing along.

The solution to last week Mystery song is Why Can’t I Be You?, by The Cure.

A singalong for 4th

This is the original version with subtitles.

And this is the instrumental version:


Under the sea :: song and karaoke for grade 3

Sing along this lovely song 🙂

Christmas concert is coming!

Hello, 6th graders!

Christmas concert is only a few days ahead and I know you’d like to practise your lovely carol at home, as well as here at school. Now you can! Just click below and sing your heart out! Enjoy 😉

Blue Mango Theatre BCN at school!

Today all grades are enjoying three plays by The Blue Mango Theatre BCN. It is taking place at the school gym and they are having a really good time. Here are some photos 🙂


Caroling along :)

Give these carols a try and have fun! 🎅🎄🎅

  • For little ones:

  • For teens:

Blue Mango Theatre BCN at school!

Today 4th, 5th and 6th graders watched Robin Hood, by The Blue Mango Theatre BCN, at the school gym and they had a really good time. Here are some photos 🙂

And a video too 😉

PS: I want to credit Kilian Rodríguez, our PE teacher, for the first two photos and the video. Thank you, Kilian!