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Summer activities for CM &CS: GoNoodle

Here I’m posting some videos for you to enjoy these summer holidays. Don’t hesitate to play them when you’re bored, when you’re with friends, in the morning, in the evening, at a “revetlla”, in a “verbena”, at a party… and get dancing and rapping your heart away!!!

Have a fantastic summer, my little friends!

A Cherokee legend

An old Indian was telling a story to his grandchild: it was about two wolves living inside every human. These two wolves are  constantly fighting each other. One of the wolves is bad -it’s full of greed, envy, laziness, inferiority, selfishness, hatred… The other wolf is good -it’s full of generosity, bravery, respect and kindness.

At his point the grandchild asked: ‘Which wolf wins?’ And the old Cherokee grandad answered: ‘The one you feed.’

Which wolf did you feed today?


Happy summer holidays!



Moving On

I’ve just come across this video on the net and I thought I’d share 🙂 I thought it was really beautiful. Enjoy it!

And you, did you like it too?

The Solid British Hat Band and my own learning English memories

I just couldn’t believe it when I came across this song my 1st BUP EFL teacher, Mrs. Àngels Bogunyà, used to play in class: I’m walking down the street (Present Continuous), by The Solid British Hat Band. It really made my day 🙂

And what about this other song, Mr. Monday (Simple Present)?

[Wherever you are now, Àngels, you’ll never know how many times I’ve fondly thought of you. I’m still so grateful for your patience and hard work!]

What’s your favourite food?

Which of these foods will be the winner??? Ready, steady… Vote!

<3 Happy 2014! <3

May this new year bring you peace, health, love and happiness to you all.

Happy 2014!



The park, at dawn.

❤ Meet Porter ❤

This is Porter. He was once an abandoned dog, but with love, patience and care from him and from his trainers he can now drive a Mini. Isn’t he cute? xox

.: Summer break :.

I’m taking a much needed summer break. Happy holidays to everyone out there and the best for my brand new ex-6th graders. Come back visit us some time, guys!