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The twelve months in a year

Can you say the months as fast as in the video? 😉

The days and the months

Can you name the days and the months? 😉

Cicle Mitjà: JClic activities for the holidays

Hello, 3rd and 4th Grade boys and girls,

These are my suggestions for your Christmas holidays: a few JClic activities so you keep your English in good shape. You will need Java installed and updated in your computer in order to run them. Ask your family for help about this 🙂

  • Christmas activities


  • Inglés para 3º de Primaria


  • Super Bus 1

sb1Have fun!

Cicle Superior: JClic activities for the holidays

Hey, 5th and 6th Grade boys and girls,

Wanna have a good time these Christmas holidays while improving your vocabulary? Then try these JClic activities I’ve chosen for you. You will need Java installed and updated in your computer in order to run them. Ask your family for help about this 🙂

  • Christmas activities


  • 30 irregular verbs


  • Marina’s family


Have fun!

And the winner is…

Yes, my friends! This little poll shows that most of  you really, really love… (drumroll, please!)


Good choice and thanks for voting 😉

Poll results

Do you know Duolingo?

Some months ago, actually last summer, I came across an app called Duolingo and I installed it in my iPad as I was looking for a free app to learn another language without the fuss of having to buy course books etc. Then life happened and I absolutely forgot about it.

Last week I saw it in my Resources folder by chance and I decided to give it a go. The results are very satisfying; you only get the exact grammar concept required to have you reading, writing, speaking, repeating and listening from the very first minute you start to play.

And yes, I really meant to say ‘play’ because as you learn you go unlocking levels and earning sort of red thingy prizes, and the point is that you must try to complete each level with all the four lives you were initially given.

It’s a very rewarding game and I plan to use it in the classroom with fast finishers and/or kids in need of extra support from this upcoming second term on.

If you want to give it a try you can sign up here:


What about you? Have you tried it already? Do you know other free and fun apps to learn languages?

A Christmas play at school

Blue Mango Theatre visited us today and performed Santa’s Star for P3 to 3rd graders. It was a lovely play and our kids enjoyed it so much -the plot, the songs and the mise-en-scène were great. 4th, 5th and 6th graders will have their play, Robin Hood, in June.


My Christmas presents: Aprende inglés Sila and Forvo

It’s only three days for Christmas holidays and I want to give you not a present, but two! It’s about two sites on the internet that you can use to  improve your English a lot.

The first one, Aprende Inglés Sila, blog para aprender inglés fácil y gratis, is a blog by a Spanish young lady who lived in London for more than five years and now she blogs free and easy English lessons. You can even follow her on Facebook!


The second present I want to give you is Forvo, a webpage where you can hear people from different countries pronouncing words in English (or in other languages). Just click on the blue arrow on the left of the word you want to hear and presto!

So, can you tell me how many different pronunciations of ‘backstage’ are there? What about ‘cheerio’? And how many for ‘door’? Leave a comment below and let me know 🙂

Can we play at home? :)

Yes, now you can play at home the new games we are playing in the classroom these days: Find Out! Here’s how: Look at the chart below and choose what topic you want to appear in your game. Then look at the grade it belongs to and click! Have fun!!! 🙂
Find Out 1          Find Out 2          Find Out 3          Find Out 4 findout

Sorry, that webpage seems to be down since last September. Too bad :-/