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More answers to Unit 6 exercises -6th-

AB p 56 (1,2)

AB p 57 (4):

Open answer. Tip: Write sentences like “L’estiu és la millor época per … i …” (‘Summer is the best time to … and …’)

AB p 60 (1,2):

AB p 58 (1,2,3):

AB p 58 (3):

Open answer. Tip: Write sentences like “Demà vaig a …” i “No vaig a …” (‘Tomorrow I’m going to …’ and ‘I’m not going to …’).

CB p 50 (3):

1. Hannah; 2. Jo; 3.  Rob; 4. Sam.

Now I’m glad you’ve come this far and I want you to feel good and do your best in your Basic Skills Tests, so best of luck to you for next Monday and Tuesday. Remember to do (if needed) your relaxation exercises for the best results.



PS: A qui dedica Google avui el seu doodle i perquè? (respostes en els comentaris;-)!!!

Answers to the Extra Practice exercises -6th-