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Duolingo 31-days Challenge accepted!

Rubén (3rd Grade) and Norma (5th grade) have been the two first students to achieve 31+ days stroke playing Duolingo. Congratulations, kids! 


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Duolingo in the classroom: 31-day strike challenge

31day strike duo

Do you know Duolingo?

Some months ago, actually last summer, I came across an app called Duolingo and I installed it in my iPad as I was looking for a free app to learn another language without the fuss of having to buy course books etc. Then life happened and I absolutely forgot about it.

Last week I saw it in my Resources folder by chance and I decided to give it a go. The results are very satisfying; you only get the exact grammar concept required to have you reading, writing, speaking, repeating and listening from the very first minute you start to play.

And yes, I really meant to say ‘play’ because as you learn you go unlocking levels and earning sort of red thingy prizes, and the point is that you must try to complete each level with all the four lives you were initially given.

It’s a very rewarding game and I plan to use it in the classroom with fast finishers and/or kids in need of extra support from this upcoming second term on.

If you want to give it a try you can sign up here:


What about you? Have you tried it already? Do you know other free and fun apps to learn languages?