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♥ Clics in English ♥

Many of you love studying English through Clic, so this a link to all the Clics in English for Primary: http://clic.xtec.cat/db/listact_ca.jsp?lang=ca&ordre=0&desc=1&from=1&area=lleng&idioma=en&nivell=PRI&text_titol=&text_aut=&text_desc=&num=100

And here you’ve got a straight path to Learning English to improve your vocabulary skills: http://clic.xtec.cat/db/jclicApplet.jsp?project=http://clic.xtec.net/projects/learnsnd/jclic/learnsnd.jclic.zip&lang=en&title=Learning+English

What does your Mii say? Wii Sports Tennis

There are two teams: the Front team -you- and the Back team. And here are some examples of what the umpire -the judge- says:

  • 15-0: Fifteen-love
  • 15-15: Fifteen all
  • 15-30: Fifteen-thirty
  • Game point – Break point
  • 40-40: Forty all – deuce
  • AD: Advantage Front -or Back- team
  • The Front – or Back- team wins

For more information about real tennis or the origin of this somewhat strange vocabulary, please visit Wikipedia. And enjoy your Wii!