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Cicle Mitjà: JClic activities for the holidays

Hello, 3rd and 4th Grade boys and girls,

These are my suggestions for your Christmas holidays: a few JClic activities so you keep your English in good shape. You will need Java installed and updated in your computer in order to run them. Ask your family for help about this 🙂

  • Christmas activities


  • Inglés para 3º de Primaria


  • Super Bus 1

sb1Have fun!

Cicle Superior: JClic activities for the holidays

Hey, 5th and 6th Grade boys and girls,

Wanna have a good time these Christmas holidays while improving your vocabulary? Then try these JClic activities I’ve chosen for you. You will need Java installed and updated in your computer in order to run them. Ask your family for help about this 🙂

  • Christmas activities


  • 30 irregular verbs


  • Marina’s family


Have fun!

Olympic Games Fun!

I know you enjoyed a lot the Shaun the Sheep episodes last Christmas holidays. Now, since this school year you all have been learning so much about the Olympic Games and your projects were based upon this subject I thought you’d enjoy this ‘Championsheeps‘ 😉 and have fun.


Happy summer holidays!


The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo, by writer Julia Donaldson and illustrations by Axel Scheffler, is a children’s book on its way to our classroom library. It is about a mouse that uses its brain to avoid becoming a tasty snack for a fox, a snake and an owl. He tells them about a big, scary monster, the gruffalo. But everyone knows that there is no such a thing as a gruffalo. Or isn’t there?


While we wait for the story book to get to our classroom you can enjoy the movie, based on the book. I hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

EDIT 12.19.14: The Gruffalo arrived safe and sound in the classroom!

Happy summer holidays!



Summer Immersion Camp 2014 MEC Grants :: Becas MEC Colonias de Inmersión 2014 :: Beques MEC Colònies d’Immersió 2014

(Per una vegada i sense que això serveixi de precedent aquesta entrada està en català ;)).

Com el propi títol indica, el Ministeri d’Educació acaba de convocar unes beques per alumnes de cicle Superior i 1r d’ESO que van obtenir una nota mitjana de notable o superior del curs 2012-13 i notable o superior a l’assignatura d’anglés. Aquestes beques són per anar a fer colònies d’anglès (com les que vam fer a la tardor) durant quinze dies d’aquest mes de juliol. Fins el 14 de març podeu presentar les vostres solicituds.

A continuació us passo el vincle als requisits i altres detalls, així com l’accés al formulari que s’ha d’omplir per a solicitar-ho.


Si l’Immersion Camp de la tardor us va semblar divertit, no us podeu deixar perdre aquesta oportunitat de gaudir d’una estada a ple estiu en un Immersion Camp i donar-li un bon impuls al vostre anglès aquestes vacances!!!

Happy Easter holidays

Once again 2nd term has finished and I can hardly believe that I got this far. A year ago I was still getting my chemo (immunotherapy) sessions and was still waiting to be operated for the fifth time within a year.

Amazing as it sounds, I’m ready to start Easter holidays once more and I couldn’t be more grateful for having gotten up to this point. For the first time in two years I’m wishing my students the best Easter holidays possible ♥!

Easter crafts 2012

We’ve been terribly busy in the classroom this last two weeks making the traditional Easter cards, with a huge ‘thank you’ to Pinterest for the inspiration 🙂

I’ve been loving every minute in these classes though it’s been really tough sometimes. Anyways, these were my proposals:

Left to right, up and down:

  1. Bunny mask , 1st grade
  2. Candy holder, 2nd
  3. Non-felt Easter bunny (;-), 3rd
  4. Easter origami flower card, 4th, outside

Left to right, up and down:

  1. Easter origami flower card, 4th, inside
  2. Pop-up Easter card, 5th, outside
  3. and 4. Standing bunnies (2 templates), 6th

And these were the results!:

To top it all off, everyone will be getting a candy from the Halloween spare ones, so I guess tomorrow will be a nice day here at the English classroom 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot!!! 2nd graders had a great time taking part in the Hopping Bunnies Race in the playground and the winner was Kilian. I intend to do the same with 1st graders after the holidays. Will keep you informed!

♥ Games to *play English* these Xmas holidays ♥

Play in English and have fun!

You can find these and more games (adventure, maze, puzzles, etc) in Mr. Ferrell website.

Also remember the fab games in American Girl, Poptropica, Dots and Diamond , EdulandPenguin Club and The Moms and Kids Playground. You surely don’t want to miss them ;-)!

And now, my best wishes for you all: a happy Christmas time and a fantastic 2012.

We’ll be meeting again on Jan 9th 2012. Take care!