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Got milk? Get the Glass!

The -hard to believe but true- story

I’ve just come across this flash game I was very fond of last year. I didn’t bookmark it because I went back several times from IE History and when holidays ended I just forgot about it. Later I tried to remember its name or any clue to google it but I didn’t succeed. Mysteriously I’ve found its shortcut fifteen minutes ago in my games folder. Can you believe it? I got this computer -with MS Vista- last November; my former PC had MS XP. Nothing to do. Hard to believe. But real as the sun.

The links

Getting back to the title in this post, Get the Glass! is a Flash game copyrighted by the California Milk Processor Board as part of its campaign to promote milk drinking in the States. Apart from Get the Glass! their Got Milk? site is worth visiting to read about health benefits, get some tasty recipes or play some other games.

The screenshots